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The Palenque National Park , in the state of Chiapas in Southeastern Mexico, is 9 kilometers away from the village of Santo Domingo de Palenque . It was one of the most important Classic Maya cities, and flourished between 300 and 900 AD. Although the area it covered was relatively small, about 2.2 square kilometers, it boasted more than 1500 structures of a beautiful and unique architectural style… The park contains some of the most fascinating archaeological remains of the ancient Maya Civilization. Excavation and restoration at the site started more than 100 years ago, and is a continued effort of the Mexican scientific community. At present time the research, a group of international professionals are working together in the consolidation and excavation of the Southern Acropolis of the Group of the Cross, conducted by the Proyecto Palenque, also known as the Proyecto Grupo de las Cruces, a joint venture between the Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute (PARI) and Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia INAH….

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